Advice for Bathing a Cat: It Can be Easier Than You Think

bathing a cat

Learn the best tips for bathing a cat and bathing a kitten. Also discover the best cat bathing supplies including shampoos, towels, wipes and powders!

Bathing a Cat

Bathing a cat is usually not a lot of fun. The good news is that it doesn’t have to happen very often. In fact some cat owners never bathe their cat. Most cats are very good at keeping themselves clean, but every now and then it may be a good idea to help clean up your cat.

Washing a Cat

While bathing a cat is the most thorough means of washing a cat, there are simpler methods as well.

·        Powders – Powders, which are sold at many pet supply stores, are essentially a dry shampoo. You need only sprinkle the powder on your cat, rub it into the fur and then brush it out.

·        Wipes – Cat wipes, also sold at pet supply stores, will remove much of the dander and loose dirt. That makes using wipes on a daily basis a good idea for those with cat allergies.

Here are some tips for those who choose to give your cat a more traditional bath.

·        Be Ready – Make sure that you have all of the needed supplies within easy reach of the bathtub or large sink. You will need towels, shampoo and a comb or brush.

·        Have a Partner – Bathing a cat will be MUCH easier if you have a second person. One person can hold the cat still while the other does the washing.

·        Avoid the Face – While most cats are not going to enjoy bath time at all, if you REALLY want to see them freak out, put water on their face. For this reason, avoid the face. Consider using wipes to clean the face or, if you must wash it, save it until the very end of the bath.

·        Brush – You will need to brush your cat once he or she has been towel dried. Long haired cats will need to be brushed periodically throughout the drying process until the fur is completely dry. This will help to lessen the chance of the fur becoming matted.

·        Drying – If possible, provide a small heater in the room where your cat will spend time until he or she is completely dry.

Bathing a Kitten

Washing a kitten is not a good idea, and should only be done if absolutely necessary. If the kitten is so filthy that wipes will not do the trick, follow the above tips to bathe a kitten, but avoid getting any soap in the kitten’s face.

Also, be sure that the kitten is completely dry before being allowed in any areas where they may be subjected to a draft.

Cat Bathing Supplies

·        Shampoo – Be sure to choose a shampoo that is specially formulated for use on cats. Do not use dog or human shampoo on your cat.

·        Brush – The brush that you use after a bath may need to have wider bristles than your normal brush or comb.

·        Towels – Look for towels that are extra absorbent. There are towels that promise to wick the water from your hair after shampooing. Using such a towel on your cat will speed up the drying process.

·        Wipes/Powders – If you choose to use wipes or powder, ONLY use products that were specifically created for use on cats.

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