Do Cats Really Like the Emery Cat Scratcher?

Emery Cat Scratcher

The Emery Cat Scratcher offers many benefits to cats and owners. Read reviews and whether or not indoor cats actually enjoy using the Emery scratching post.

Emery Cat Scratcher

The Emery Cat Scratcher is a cat toy with a scratching surface that was designed to groom a cats nail as they scratch and play, thus removing the need for nail trims. Since it was introduced in 2009, the product has done quite well and is sold in many major retail stores as well as online.

Emery Cat Scratcher: The Benefits

When a cat uses the Emery Cat Scratcher, there are benefits, both for the cat and the cat’s owner.

  • Files – Because of the material used to make the Emery Cat Scratcher, it files the cats nails as she scratches the pad.
  • Stretching – The wave shape of the Emery Cat Scratcher gives the cat plenty of room to stretch out as she scratches away.
  • No Clipping – When the cat uses the Emery Cat Scratcher often enough, the need for clipping the cat’s nails can be eliminated.
  • Saves Furniture – If the cat enjoys the Emery Cat Scratcher, she will be less inclined to take her scratching tendencies out on your furniture.

Of course, the above benefits are only realized if the cat actually uses the Emery Cat Scratcher. As you will see in the next section, this does not always happen.

Emery Cat Scratcher Reviews

If you read through many consumer reviews of the Emery Cat Scratcher, you will learn what should not come as a surprise: Not all cats like it. As with any type of cat toy, food or bed, it comes down to a matter of taste whether a particular cat is going to like it. There is no cat toy, including the Emery Cat Scratcher, that is going to appeal to every cat.

Therefore, when you read reviews, you will see many people complain that their cat didn’t like it. Still, it is worth a try. If you can tempt your cat to try it – as many of the happier reviews will attest – then the Emery Cat Scratcher really does do a good job of helping to keep the cat’s nail trimmed and the cats away from the furniture.

So every cat will not be a fan, but you won’t know if yours is until you try the product.

Emery Cat Scratcher: Where to Buy

Emery Cat Scratcher is sold on the company’s dedicated Web site, but this is not where you will find the best price. Wal-Mart and Target may have the item for a lower prices than the Web site, particularly if you catch a sale.

If you would rather shop online, try Amazon. There you may find the Emery Cat Scratcher for about half of what you would pay buying directly from the dedicated Web site.

The Emery Cat Scratcher is a good product IF your cat will use it.

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