Human Grade Dog Food: Review of the Best Human Grade Dog Food Brands

human grade dog food

Learn what the term “human grade dog food” means. Also, find out which dog food brands, such as Eukanuba, Canidae, and Halo, offer human grade formulas.

Human Grade Dog Food

The term “human grade dog food” refers to dog food that contains only ingredients that could legally be sold for consumption by humans. As you can imagine, the cost of producing such high quality dog food is much greater than the cost of producing dog food made with inferior ingredients.

For that reason, there are only a handful of dog food manufacturers that make dog food with human grade ingredients. Still, for many pet owners, the extra cost to purchase human grade dog food is well worth it as they only want the very best for their pets.

Human Grade Dog Food: Sample Ingredients

If you want to find a sampling of ingredients that may be found in human grade dog food simply look inside your own pantry or freezer.

·        Chicken

·        Beef

·        Fish

·        Rice

·        Vegetables

Some pet owners who want their dog to eat only human grade ingredients skip the pet food and simply prepare meals for their pets from items that they buy at the grocery store.

If you plan to try this approach, it is VERY important that you first consult with your vet so that you can get advice about which types of food to give your pet as well as the correct quantities.

Brands of Human Grade Dog Food

Some of the manufacturers that offer human grade food include:

·        Eukanuba – Not all Eukanuba food is human grade, but some formulas are. This is a less expensive option than some of the others.

·        Canidae – Once a leader in quality dog food, this food has undergone some changes to their formulas. Still, they do offer a human grade formula that does well in reviews.

·        The Honest Kitchen – This brand of dog food offers high quality options, and typically gets very good reviews.

One important thing to note is that just because a certain brand offers human-grade dog food formulas; that does NOT mean that every food they sell is made with human grade ingredients. Be sure to check the exact food that you plan to purchase rather than choosing solely based on a brand.

Your vet can probably offer suggestions about which brand may be best for your pet.

Cost of Human Grade Dog Food

While the cost of human grade dog food is greater than for lesser quality food, it is not as cost prohibitive as you might think. While some brands of dog food can cost up to $100 per bag, there are other human grade dog food options that cost as little as $35 per bag.

Does your pet NEED to eat human grade food? No. Neither does he need to eat organic, hormone-free or non-processed foods. Each of these options, however, is healthier than the alternatives.

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