Lysine for Cats & Lysine for Kittens: Proper Lysine Dosage for Cats

lysine for cats

Learn how lysine for cats and lysine for kittens is beneficial for your cat.  Learn the proper lysine dosage for cats and how lysine powder for cats can help.

Due to most cats having herpes, lysine for cats is becoming even more popular as more pet owners are learning about this virus.   While many people may not have known about lysine for cats and lysine for kittens in the past, it is becoming even more popular in many pet stores and supermarket to help more cats deal with the symptoms of this annoying virus.  Since nearly every cat in the United States has this virus, more cat owners are trying to find lysine powder for cats or lysine in any of its common forms.

What Lysine for Cats

Lysine for cats is a natural amino acid that mimics the herps virus, a very common virus that affects most of our feline friends.  Even though it has the same name, the herpes virus that affects cats is not the same one that is in humans and cannot affect humans.  Even though it does not harm us in any way, it can make our cat miserable if their immune system cannot deal with the virus on its own.  The only way that cats show any sign of this virus is through their eyes being inflamed, and possibly sneezing, making it very difficult for pet owners to determine if their cat has this virus.  To play it safe, more cat owners have been giving lysine for cats and lysine to kittens for their felines to keep them healthy.

Lysine Powder for Kittens and Other Forms of Lysine

Currently, Lysine can be purchased in four different forms:

  • Powder
  • Pill
  • Gel
  • Paste

The most popular form of lysine for cats and lysine for kittens is the powder and pill form of this drug.   While the pill may be the most common way pet stores sell this drug, it is best to give it with Greenies pill treats, since most cats hate taking pills.  The best way to give Lysine is with the assistance of Lysine powder for cats, since this is much easier to give your cat in food.

Lysine Dosage for Cats

The common dosage for lysine for cats is…

  • 500 milligrams per dosage for cats
  • 250 milligrams per dosage for kittens

No matter if you have a cat or kitten, they should be having lysine twice a day if they are showing symptoms. If you are giving lysine as a preventative medicine, however, you may just want to give this drug once per day.   While this may be the common dosage, it is always best to ask your veterinarian how much they believe your cat should be receiving when it comes to Lysine.  Remember, while Lysine may be safe, it may not be the best option for all cats and kittens, so always ask your vet first before giving Lysine to any of your animals.

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