Help! My Cat is Sneezing: Why Is My Cat Sneezing So Much

my cat is sneezing

If you wake up one morning and think, “My cat is sneezing; in fact my cat is sneezing a lot!” Look no further! Explore illnesses that can contribute to sneezing.

My cat is sneezing, what do I do?  More than likely, you have asked yourself this, especially when you are watching your cat sneeze constantly.  While sneezing is usually not very serious, you may have a problem if you are sitting back wondering ‘why is my cat sneezing so much?’  While there may be a variety of reason why your cat is sneezing, it can be solved really quickly.  In some cases however, the question of my ‘my cat is sneezing’ is very likely going to end in a vet trip.

My Cat is Sneezing: What is Wrong

Before you start panicking and asking ‘why my cat is sneezing a lot’ realize that sneezing is normal in most animals.  The problem is if you are realize that your cat is sneezing quite a bit.  Usually when a cat is sneezing a great deal, this is a assign that they are actually sick or having issues with some form of chemicals in your home.  Sometimes, this can be as simple as changing your cat’s food, or changing to all natural cleaners in your home.

For those who are worried are constantly thinking ‘my cat is sneezing, now what’, realize that the first thing you need to do is figure out why your cat is sneezing.  To do this, you need to know the main reasons why cats sneeze.

My Cat is Sneezing A Lot: What is Causing This

There are a variety of reasons why your cat may be sneezing. The main reason is that they may be sick.  If you are sitting back thinking ‘my cat is sneezing a lot, so now what’, it’s time to look for reasons your cat is sneezing.  Some of the most common reasons why your cat may be sneezing can include:

  • The Cat Flu
  • Allergies
  • Chemical Sensitivity

All of these things can be making your cat sneeze a lot, so make sure to bring your cat to the vet if you are noticing that their eyes are water, nose watering, or that they seem lethargic.  Nothing is worse than a sick cat, so do your cat a favor and schedule a vet appointment.

Why is My Cat Sneezing so Much: Treatment

For people who have been wondering ‘why is my cat sneezing so much’, you will be happy to know that there are a variety of ways you can make your cat stop sneezing.  While illness can only be solved with a vet trip, allergies and chemical sensitivity can be fixed easily.  For starters, move to all natural cleaners. This will help not only your cat, but your own breathing.   If your cat is still sneezing after this, it may be allergic to something in their food.  Once you have found out what the allergen is in their food, do not purchase any food with this ingredient.  In a few days to a week, you will notice that your cat will stop sneezing.

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