Avoid Ol’ Roy Dog Food: Cheap Ingredients Make it Fast Food for Dogs

Ol' Roy Dog Food

Ol’ Roy dog food isn’t a healthy choice for your pet. The best dog foods contain real meat and no fillers. Ol’ Roy dog food doesn’t meet these minimum standards.

Ol’ Roy Dog Food

Ol’ Roy dog food is both made and sold by Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart shelves also stock other brands of dog food, such as Pedigree dog food and Purina dog food, but Ol’ Roy is the least expensive.

Unlike the best dog foods, this food uses cheap ingredients and makes no attempt to omit chemical preservatives and fillers.   

Ol’ Roy Dog Food Review

Both consumer reviews and reviews by organizations that review several brands of dog food give very low marks to Ol’ Roy dog food. Unlike the best dog food choices, this food does not contain a named source of protein. In fact, all of the ingredients are of inferior quality.

Does the food have some nutritional value? Yes. Much the way that a Big Mac may have some nutritional value. Ol’ Roy dog food is a bit like fast food: It will fill up your dog, but is not the healthiest choice.

Ol’ Roy Dog Food Ingredients

The very first ingredient in Ol’ Roy dog food is corn. That alone is problematic for two main reasons:

  1. Protein source – The first ingredient in the dog food that you choose should be a named source of protein. For example, you want to see “chicken” or “salmon” not “meat”.
  2. Corn free – The best dog foods will be corn-free. While most vegetables are fine to include in a dog food, many dogs have allergies to corn. Also, corn does not supply anything of significant nutritional value to your pet.

If you continue to read the ingredients label, you will notice that the only meats are by products. This means that the protein source in the food is made up of the leftover parts from the slaughterhouse. This could include beaks, feet and hide.

Ol’ Roy also contains ingredients that have been the source of controversy, such as a preservative called BHA. There are no quality ingredients in this dog food.

Ol’ Roy Dog Food Prices

After all that you have just read about Ol’ Roy dog food, it will be probably not come as much of a surprise that this is one the less expensive dogs foods on the market. It is easy to give in to the temptation to buy the cheapest dog food, but understand that by doing so, you may be depriving your dog of the nutrition that he needs to be at his or her healthiest.

Ol’ Roy dog food is not a very good choice for your pet. There are some fairly inexpensive choices that contain ingredients that are of a much higher quality. If you need some advice about which lower-cost dog food is best, consult your vet.

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April May 14, 2011 at 11:29 pm

I also found that the brand I feed is of MUCH, MUCH higher quality and when you factor in the amount you need to feed your dog it isn’t much more money at all! You can read my comparison on my blog! http://mixedupmutt.blogspot.com/

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