Puppy Biting Problems: A Solution is Easier Than You Think

Learn tips to stop a puppy biting problem. Puppy biting solutions are easier than you think and with a few quick tips your puppy will behave like an angel.

Puppy Biting Problem

Some new pet owners do not see puppy biting as a problem. After all, it doesn’t hurt and it’s so cute when the puppy chews on your hand. But the puppy biting problems starts when the puppy begins to grow; when his teeth are bigger, and his jaws more powerful.

You do not want to wait until then to start training your puppy not to bite. In fact, it is never too soon to learn to stop puppy biting.

Stop Puppy Biting

The sooner you start, the easier it will be to stop puppy biting. Here are some tips.

·        Stop Play – Puppies love to play, so one way to get their attention is to stop playing with them. As soon as your puppy bites or nips at you, make a loud noise, such as “OW”, and stop playing. Walk away from the puppy and do something else for a while before paying attention to the puppy again.

·        Shake – Most puppies will have an aversion to loud noises. Fill a can with pennies and keep it handy. Anytime your puppy bites or nips, grab the can and shake it. After a while, the puppy will start to associate the loud and annoying noise with biting.

·        Avoid Rough Play – This is a tough one for some pet owners. As mentioned above, many people think it is just adorable when puppies act all rough and tough. The problem is that when the dog gets bigger – especially larger breed dogs – it will be much more difficult to control them. Avoid rough play from the start.

·         It’s NEVER Ok – As is the case with any type of training, consistency is key. It cannot be ok to bite and nip one minute and not ok the next. Be consistent.

Puppy Chewing Problem

In addition to puppy biting, puppy chewing is also a problem. It does not take long for an energetic puppy to reduce a respectable shoe collection to shreds. Here are some tips for dealing with a puppy chewing problem.

·        Acceptable Chewing – Puppies must chew. You cannot stop the behavior entirely. Instead, you must redirect the puppies chewing to an appropriate object. Provide lots of chew toys for your pet. The second that you catch him chewing on something on which he should not, say “NO”, and then give him the chew toy.

·        Out of Reach – Until the time that your puppy has been trained, you must keep objects, such as your shoes, your term paper and the family Bible out of his reach. He’s just a puppy! Until he is trained to chew only on his toys, take some extra care with your belongings.

Puppy Training

While most pet owners are able to find a puppy biting solution at home, some stubborn or hard to train pets may need some professional help. Find an obedience class or work with a professional dog trainer. Doing so will give you the skills needed to work with your dog to solve obedience issues throughout his life.

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